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Exposure to harsh elements takes a serious toll on the longevity of your stained exterior. Exposure and sunlight wear down the wood, creating minute cracks and fissures in the surface. These cracks allow water and moisture in, which can lead to rot on the surface and beneath. Though stain is a beautiful alternative to paint, it requires significantly different preparation. Good thing, Painting Medford Oregon is here to take on even the most complicated exterior staining jobs!

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Exterior staining can often be far more challenging than house painting: the overwhelming selection of stains out there can be daunting; different stains have different benefits, and it’s important to consider a variety of factors when staining your home. That is why our experts are ready to work with you to determine the best stain for your budget and your home’s needs; while our professional painters will use only top-quality stains to provide you with great results – from decks and patios to floors, stairways, and railings, we do it all—and we do it to perfection. We have experienced all kinds of stains and all kinds of wood exteriors, and have established ourselves as leaders in the industry of staining and finishing surfaces!

Our team offers the exceptional skill, knowledge, and attention to detail you look for when staining your home. Our service includes meticulous preparation, top quality staining products, and unsurpassed expertise in the properties of different stains and the exteriors on which they are applied. Homeowners have come to rely on us for consistent, reliable, top quality painting services, and our staining services have exceeded customers’ expectations for many years and counting. With a proven track of unrivaled excellence to our name, we protect wood floors from water saturation, all while improving the appearance of the wood—and we do it for an incredible rate, too!

So, if you are ready to have your home exterior rewardingly stained and experience exceptional customer service, call Painting Medford Oregon!